Monday, January 21, 2013

Protect your Home with Asbestos Safe Coat

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Earlier, most of the houses used asbestos to build their roof as they were considered as the most durable and affordable material. This material is resistant to harsh weather conditions and can be easily manipulated to various forms and shapes. Today, the government has ceased this type of roof as it has been found that the mineral fibers in asbestos cause several health hazards. Till now you will find houses with asbestos roof. If your house is also one among those and you are in need to protect against asbestos in the home, keep on reading.

There are various ways by which you can protect your home from the ill effects of asbestos. One of the common ways is to hire a specialist who can remove asbestos and also change the roofing materials. This task demands an expert because while removing asbestos roofs, one should handle the asbestos material in a proper manner as it is actually very dangerous material. You will come across people who still live under asbestos roof made of cheap materials. Although they might not be suffering from any health risks, it is better to change the roof with the help of skilled people. Asbestos becomes dangerous when the microscopic fibers in it are inhaled. These cause various respiratory infections and cancer.

Apart from changing asbestos roof, you can protect your home and family members from the dangers of asbestos through asbestos safe coat. As today people are aware of the ill effects of asbestos roof, many new companies have emerged that are involved in the business of manufacturing coatings that will act as a shield for your home as well as your family member. Most of the coatings meant for protection from asbestos are water-based, cost-effective and non-toxic solutions that solve problems associated with indoor air quality.

These coatings are safe to use as they do not contain any type of toxins and moreover, need minimal surface preparation. Such types of paints do not contain any type of heavy metals and pesticides. Another advantage of the asbestos safe coat is that it is affordable. Using safe coat generally costs fifty to eighty percent less compared to the cost involved in asbestos removals. These coatings can be applied on the asbestos directly. Once it is applied, the materials in the paint stabilize and seal the dangerous components in the asbestos. These paints are known for their low disposal costs and low liability. 

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