Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Granite Floor Tiles: A promise of durability and class

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Granite is a very common, crude-grained, light-colored, igneous, hard and durable stone, which is primarily used in the buildings for flooring. It is a rock, which is formed because of volcanic action. It is perfect for use both in commercial as well as residential flooring. In fact, due to an extremely viewable characteristic of this stone, it is also used for interior and exterior walls along with monuments. It is a very shiny stone which shines more after proper polishing. It is made up of many constituents like quartz, orthoclase or microcline and feldspar along with particles of mica. Because of its constituents, it is considered the strongest of stones which can withhold the natural calamities with ease. In fact, granite slabs are the best option for kitchen slabs. As they are very strong, they can handle the hard chopping and mixing chore with ease.

These floor tiles are very durable and it is really a very rare case that we hear of something like breakage in tile. In fact, they are the total maintenance free flooring and are very easy to clean as well. It is very easy to clean this kind of floor tiles either by dry mopping or by damp mopping. In fact, there are also some kinds of floor tiles available which are stain resistant and very dense. This variety completely depends upon the choice and type of granite.

There are various varieties of granite floor tiles like polished, honed or flamed surfaces. They all have different properties and different looks. The main differences in these are because of the amount of constituents. Like the color of floor tiles depends upon the amount of feldspar.

There are various distributors of these floor tiles all over the world. Many a time, it is seen that there is generally a specified area dedicated to these merchants and a big market is named after this. This is to make all the varieties of granite and other rocks viewable to the customers so that they can select the best option for their home or office as per their choice and affordability.

There are a lot of varieties and types of floor tiles available in the market. This in fact is the best option for every person who wants to have strong flooring and slabbing in his house or office. The merchants offer various dimensions and colors of this stone as per the requirement of the customer and need of the building. Moreover these are also offered in customized sizes and can also be made customized as required. In fact, various granite merchants use specialized and advanced techniques of production for tiles to be used in various areas. Like the kitchen tile will be made different from the one to be used in drawing room. For this, there are very sophisticated machines required and they do this task with best results. So next time if you are looking for any kind of floor tiles, do consider the benefits of granite and then go on to choose the best option for yourself.

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