Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Five Reasons To Choose a Wedding Videograper

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Weddings and photography have gone together ever since the 19th century. Couples want to remember the event's highlights as romantically as possible. The entrance of wedding videography and the availability of high quality editing has transformed wedding memories into moving reality. Some couples simply go for the cheaper option of having a friend handle the wedding and event videography, but here are five reasons why a professional should be considered first.


Once you meet a candidate for your videography job, be sure that he or she knows your limitations ahead of time. They'll be able to show and tell you many times he or she's successfully done wedding videography and exactly what's possible. A pro should be able to include fancy backgrounds and sharp sound edits. You should feel confident requesting exactly what you want and the pro will be able to deliver.

Be sure that you discuss wedding details weeks ahead with your videographer.

Knowledge of Venues

A pro never goes to venues unaware of what'll be needed. He or she often knows details about venues, common potential problems, preferred angles, editing tricks and which guests are most important. A pro is always prepared and won't get in the way of your festivities. A pro will be able to coordinate direction, timing, lighting placement and angles to emphasize what's important. Every wedding and event videography professional knows to check power outlets ahead of time in case of emergency recharging.

Assumes Responsibility

The pro is not usually emotionally involved in the wedding and doesn't have to participate. His job is to get it on tape and make it look good. When you ask a friend or family member, they'll feel left out of the wedding if all they do is a job that a professional should handle. Do your friends and family a favor and avoid asking them to do this for you so they can enjoy the celebration and the ceremony with you.

Coordination with the Photographer

The relationship between videography and photography should be complementary, not competetive. Pro videographers know not to irritate your photographer. Videography pros make friends with the photographer and coordinate plans. Since they will be taking turns at prime spots so that both stay out of each other's shots. Pros are sensitive to the photographer's artistry and move out of his way whenever possible.

The Final Product

There is just no comparing an amateur wedding video to a professional one. The emotion is there, the timing is perfect, the lighting makes people glow and the movements are slow and smooth. Amateur work is shaky, often ignores lighting, and doesn't know how to capture the emotion. Ultimately, it's the feelings you're going to want to remember, and that's what the pros do best.



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