Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Drool Over Cheap Shoulder Bags That Are Gucci Inspired

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Oh yeah, Gucci, way to make my day and every women in America's day, too! For their Spring Fashion Collection for 2013 they have included, drum roll please, the shoulder bag! Now, they've been around for ages, this years look is hip and sophisticated at the same time. Although far from the cheap shoulder bags that I normally use, I'm happy that Gucci has the common sense to let us normal women use something that is both practical and stunning at the same time. As much as I love cheap shoulder bags, I equally hated the skimpy little hand clutches of a couple of years ago that could barely carry a lipstick. In fact, I have a garbage bag of them in my attic still! Come on, Milan! Real people follow you and we love real products! Especially when we can get a Milan look with cheap shoulder bags!

Of course, I'd love a $1,000 shoulder bag, but can anyone honestly tell the difference here in Springfield, USA? I mean, the cheap shoulder bags in my closet look great, plus when my son throws up on it, I don't panic the way that I would if I'd spent a months wages on it! I'm not sure that I would use a bag that expensive even if it were a gift, I'd be afraid of ruining it. But, cheap shoulder bags? I'll buy one everyday with no hesitations at all (and hopefully my husband doesn't read this!). I know accessory freaks that have a hand bag for every day of the week and every mood they might find themselves in. They are going to drool over cheap shoulder bags that are Gucci inspired!

What is new and hot in this season bags is COLOR, and they really mean COLOR. No neutral tones this year for us! Gucci flooded Milan Fashion week with vibrant, even screaming, colors in every hue under the sun. Vivid bags combined with solid clothes makes for a bright 2013. Since shoulder bags were at every hip on the run way, wholesale shoulder bags are already flooding the Internet, offering us normal income people the chance to look hot and but not by depleting our children's college funds (you do have one right?!). Ditch the browns and beige bags and buy the brightest color you can find.

This years bags features both soft, cloth bags as well as bright, leather like shoulder bags, all of which I easily found when I looked for wholesale shoulder bags online. Make sure to look for the soft sided bags with long straps that cross over the body! This isn't a purse, remember!

I truly am looking forward to the warmer weather and the new, color filled wardrobe that fashion week demands that I get, if I want to look young and hip. I can't wait to be the first one to use cheap shoulder bags at the office and be the envy and inspiration of all the other soccer moms on the team. Good one this year, Gucci!

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