Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Defeat the Terrible Wyrms that Threaten Your Livestock! Buy Equine Wormers Online

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Looking after horses can be a big responsibility. These gentle creatures require a lot of specialist care and attention. You will need to invest in equine wormers and other products to support your horse health. Fortunately you can find a number of powerful brand name products like Equest online now.

Shopping online is a good idea as you can find some of the best discount horse wormers on the Internet. This is ideal if you are on a budget or you have a number of horses to care for.

Defeating Wyrms and Worms

In myths and legends terrible winged wyrms were a huge threat to livestock. These colourful mythical creatures have captured the imagination for centuries. However there is a very real type of worm that can threaten your livestock too.

Parasitic intestinal worms are a big problem for horse owners and trainers around the country. These nasty pests can be easily picked up by horses grazing in pastures and from infested feed. Once inside the host parasitic worms can cause a number of health problems and so they do need to be tackled quickly and effectively for good equine health. This is why you need to invest in cheap horse wormers now. There are a number of powerful products like Equest that can provide fast and effective treatment against these nasty intestinal parasites.

Tips for Using Wormers

If you are new to using equine wormers then donÂ't worry. The top brand name products are tried and tested to provide safe and effective treatments for horses. These products are easy to use and all you have to do is follow the manufacturerÂ's instructions.

If you are still unsure about worming then you can find out more information from leading wormer suppliers and manufacturerÂ's websites online. You could also ask your vet for more advice on this issue. Here are a few easy tips help you get started with using Equest Plus and other products for worming:

• Worming Foals – foals can be vulnerable to parasitic worms. You should start worming from around four weeks old. You will need to make sure you use products that are designed for worming in foals. You can also help to reduce the chances of infestation by grazing foals separately from adult horses and on pastures that have not been grazed for at least 12 months by other horses.
• Pregnant Mares – you should also worm pregnant mares as they too can be vulnerable to these parasites. Make sure you use a wormer designed for pregnant or lactating mares.
• Weighing Your Horse – many horse wormers offer dosage based on weight. To make sure you are giving your horses the right dosage you can use a weight tape. This should give you a reasonably accurate measure to look up the right dosage for each animal.

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