Monday, December 31, 2012

Singapore recruitment agencies provide competent manpower

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An employment agency is a platform that helps corporate sector with their recruitment, staffing and retention process. They normally acts as an intermediary between employer and job seekers. It could be engaged in recruitment of local and foreign candidates to start their jobs from junior level to top-level executives. Singapore is a country that encourage foreigners to work as middle-management and top-management to manual labors. There are a number of small as well as big placement agencies that help Singapore companies justify their recruitment and staffing needs. They deliver people and help clients to make best human resource decisions. Sometimes, the recruitment agencies work wonders by providing highly talented manpower.

To perform its activities, a Singapore recruitment agency requires a license known as Employment Agency License or EAL, and it is mandatory. This license is required by all type of recruitment agencies, and it is governed by MOM, Ministry of Manpower. In other countries, the license may also refereed to as Staffing agency license, Manpower agency license or placement agency license. All individuals and entities that are engaged in the recruitment process in Singapore have to apply and obtain the Employment Agency License. They communicate with the prospective companies and candidates for their job applications. It is the responsibility of these agencies to submit work visas to the concerned authorities on behalf of candidates or employers.

Agencies, which are not continuously involved in placing the right candidates with right employers or do not comply with terms and conditions, are not provided with license. They are also obliged to timely inform their clients and applicants regarding any changes in their operative rules. Outstanding and reliable agencies keep themselves updated abreast of any changes in national or international qualification standards. These standards are their base to judge the suitability of an applicant for a job, regardless of the nationality. Another mark of a reliable agency is its potential to cater the diverse need of nationalities. In recruiting different nationalities, an employment agency should consider them all equal.

They cater the needs of their clients keeping in mind, the requirement and career pathway of all candidates. The consultants of a leading firm are highly skilled and experienced to find best candidates for different employment sectors such as education, hospitality, retail, marketing, engineering, construction, etc. Using Internet to search for reliable and leading placement agencies is a wise decision from the point of both companies and candidates. A list of popular agencies can be obtained through different websites.

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